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Intuitive Healer Holly Mullins is a modern day Granny woman residing in the hollers of the Appalachian Mountains. She is following the steps of her ancestors and is learning her path as an herbalist and is a practitioner of folk magic and healing. In 2006, she began having out of body experiences which lead to her spiritual awakening and opening Holly up to her gifts.
After years of paranormal investigating and spiritual lessons she began to help others through her ability to heal.
Holly conducts shamanic energy work through connecting with spirit and her guides,Psychic Mediumship,Past life regressions though
meditational hypnosis in which she accesses and introduces clients to the Akashic Records and spiritual guidance and teaching. 



Dallas Adams was born and raised in the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky. Shaman, Forged in the wildfires of the cosmos. Lover of all things. Plane walker, Poet, Artist, author, Brother, fighter, warrior. Caution: will make you truly believe in yourself and inspire you to change your world.

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